Thursday, April 12, 2007

I know everyone is wondering just how Webinara is doing in the great World of Warcraft (Duskwood server, Innkeepers guild).
The short answer is that she is fine. You'll be pleased to know she just dinged level 44 and finally got to wear her ub3r 1337 scorpid scale pants. I know scorpid scales are more of a Fall outfit, but she also carries a dagger with +16 attack power so the n00bs don't hate on her.
While she is relatively happy with her weird emu-looking mount, she has been by the wolf dealer several times and plans to make a final decision as soon as her faction is high enough.
And then, there are epic mounts to consider.
Released in the latest expansion, these flying beasts cost 5000 gold. However, as you may guess, (since I called them "flying beasts") they fly.
Everyone wants one, but my character has never seen 10% of that amount of gold and she shops around for everything. She made her scorpid scale pants herself out of things she pulled off of dead animals (mostly scorpids)!
How does a player ever earn 5000 gold for an epic mount?
One enterprising night elf druid seems to have come up with a unique solution.
I read through that a couple of times before it finally registered. She isn't talking about an in-game freaky situation, but a real-life (IRL) encounter. For WoW gold!
But wait!
I've mentioned the exchange rate compared to the peso and to the US dollar, but apparently other things can be exchanged for WoW gold as well.
So then I thought it was a joke, of course. Like this one guy I know who quit a guild and told all his former guildmates that he was forming another guild made up of the other girls who worked at Hooters, even though he is, in fact, a guy who has never worked at a Hooters. Good times.
But seriously, this night elf druid seems to have been successful.
At least as far as a person can be called "successful" in a game which has no end and definitely no one who can be considered a "winner" in any sense of the word.
To her credit, Shana pointed this little tactic to me. Hopefully, it was a hint to save my own WoW gold for a wyvern at level 70 instead of cramming for it at the last minute through a desperate plea on Craig's List.
The alternative is that this just goes into the substantial pile of evidence convicting me as a nerd, this time through association with the type of people who offer physical services in exchange for WoW gold or, worse, pay for physical services with WoW gold.
The whole sordid incident makes me want to head to a player vs. player battleground to punish the Alliance for letting this sad woman join.
Plus 16 attack power is nothing to laugh at, but WoW prostitutes definitely are.


Joe said...

World of Whorecraft? You never told me this was an in-game option!!!

Based on my limited research, gold per unit (GPU) cost is $0.14 "real dollars" (RD). Thus, the real issue here is opportunity cost and not economic cost. I think the economic benefit (EB) and the expenditure of a sweaty two to three minutes (SEX) means: "(EB) x (SEX) = new WoW mount" ... this simply demonstrates how Adam Smith was right all along. In your face, John Nash!

If you decide this is the way to finance your Whorecraft habit, it will kind of make Shana's business model seem ultraconservative, don't you think? Maybe she's just jealous.

Sadly, you won't be able to earn gold Friday night and Saturday day ... prime time for gamers, I would imagine.

Anonymous said...

You'll Never know the power of a 70 at that Rate kneel before Dunhill and Dygin (Tanaris server) and my huge amounts of free time!

Garrick said...

Darrell? Darrell?

Darrell said...

I'm alive!!!!