Sunday, April 01, 2007

I'm afraid it is that time again, my friends.
Less than a year later, I'm due back for Jury Duty again.
While my "I read a lot of comic books, and if there is one thing I know that thing is justice!" got me promptly dismissed from County service on June 6th, I still need to show up for Federal service in the morning.
This time, I plan to pepper my conversations with the phrase, "It may be illegal, but I don't see why we should make a Federal case out of it" until I get to go home.
If that fails, I plan to ditch the sequester by informing them that I can only eat things that are Kosher for Passover.
As I've discovered recently, the list of things that are officially Kosher for Passover is only about six items long.
I've also discovered that Kosher for Passover matzo crackers are nearly impossible to find in Katy, Texas. Who knew?

On to politics:
I was elected by my peers to set up our "Innkeepers" guild on the Duskwood server.
What I did not know was that I'd need to quit my old guild before even buying the charter.
Since I was in a hurry, I mailed the guild leader my tabard and hastily /gquit.
Later, there were questions.
The people in the old guild were universally nice and I felt bad for just quitting even with a completely legitimate real life reason.
So I told them that the other girls who worked with me at Hooter's wanted to start a guild and I needed to join that one.
If anything, they are even nicer to me now for some reason.


Joe said...

How'd jury duty go? Maybe you'll get a serial killer case ... like John Wayne Gacy ... EVIL CLOWNS!

Bobbie said...

Oddly enough, I have seen matzo crackers in the only gracery store in Brownfield. I think we used some for communion. I hadn't thought about it but it would make sense. I suppose one of the Presbyterians threw a fit about eating Jewish crackers. Has anyone checked out Nabisco? Presbyterians can't be too careful.