Friday, July 06, 2007

Happy Casual Jeans Friday!
We did go and see Transformers last night. There are basic laws of film making I assume they teach first year film students and one of them seems to be "It doesn't matter how thin you stretch your plot if the plot serves to connect scenes of robots fighting each other". If that isn't one of the rules, it should be.
Robot combat (and robots turning into cars and tanks and planes) is one of the classic elements that could be added to any film to make it better. In that way, robot combat is much like Tom Hanks.
There was one issue which managed to fling me right out of the moment and pin me there through the next scene, not for a moment believing that someone could sneak a CD Player onto Air Force One. I'd have liked to believe that, really.
Anyway, the issue I had was with the scenes involving the Decepticons "hacking" the Department of Defense. It isn't that hacking the DoD is impossible (I've mentioned why they get hacked so often before) it was the fake Decepticon technology used. And the fact that the brave analyst waltzed out of a secure facility with Top Secret information on a Panasonic SD Card. Seriously? Panasonic?
I fear I made a "Pfffaugh" noise one or twice and Shana may have thought I choked on some popcorn.
And then I remembered watching Trapper John, M.D. with my mom (who is a nurse) and hearing her make the same exact noise over liberties taken with medical terminology.
So I buried my face in my Diet Coke and watched two more robots chase each other and smash stuff which, as I've said, never gets old.
Also, I totally won the Up To Bat - Name the Cave Snake Contest, which is beyond awesome. Actually, I borrowed the name Gwynyth gave to our new fish, but it is a good name. A winning name. Perhaps the "winningest" name.
I'll get to be in a future strip now, which is step #312 in my plans for total global domination. I'm thrilled, but I'm nowhere near step #311 and I'll need to determine how my plans will be impacted by doing this all out of order.
I think everything will be fine as long as I have enough cola for the minions, I suppose. Letting the minions get dehydrated is a terrible and easily-avoided error.

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