Thursday, July 19, 2007

I read late last night that the guy who posted pictures of every page of the new Harry Potter book online left the EXIF data on the images. The EXIF data gives some information about the camera settings like the flash mode and white balance. It also gives the serial number for the camera.
Unless he paid cash for the camera in some third-world flea market, even a mild effort on the part of Scholastic will lead them back to the person who posted it.
I suspect they could have the person imprisoned in their own corporate copyright Azkaban, and they might.
Were I in charge of justice at Scholastic, I'd just give his name and address to the fine folks at The Leaky Cauldron. Then I'd just stand back and wait for a little Muggle justice.
On the subject of early copies, I'm just over 500 pages into mine. I'm avoiding all internet forums and message boards in my mad dash to not have the ending spoiled.
A lot of places are reporting that the edition posted online is fake, possibly fan-fiction or even (from the fine people in the dashing tinfoil hats) a copy produced by the publisher of a completely false edition intentionally leaked online to deflate possible piracy attempts on the actual text, which is still safely locked away in the deepest vault at Gringott's.
If it is a fake, it is a very convincing fake.
I get a sense of urgency reading it, though a lot of it may be my own haste to begin normal communication with those around me.
Several times last night I announced, "Harry just . . ." and then stopped myself. "But Lupin . . . "
And the plot-which-must-not-be-named.
I plan to bring the book home Saturday morning before 1am, wake Shana with the good news of its arrival and then perch over her with a flashlight until I can speak with her again. She may have other plans for Saturday, but we can't discuss them for fear I may accidentally let slip what happened to . . . that . . . one . . . guy. Not that anything did. Or didn't. Who?

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