Tuesday, July 03, 2007

This time last year, I discussed the beginnings of office politics in this country.
Today, I will just go over why July is crappy.
First, it is very hot. And in Texas, this July happens to be rainy and muggy. My yard squishes when I walk outside -- and that only serves to add another reason for me to not go outside. As if I needed another reason to avoid the glowing orb of light in the sky which seems to hate me so very very much.
July used to be alright. I grew up in a small town and July meant fireworks at the park and just running around.
Kids today have to dread July, though.
I find it hard to feel bad for most of them, since no matter where they are they seem to have a NintendoDS grafted to their fingers. I need a NintendoDS.
But I know there are some that glance up in a store and notice the school supplies already on display. The stores even have those annoying paper hanging things with apples and pencils on them that spin under the air vents.
When I was little, those signs (more, what those signs indicated) scared the hell out of me every August and forced me to jack up my sleep patterns by sleeping as little as possible in order to cram as much summer as I could into the short time I had remaining.
But. I've been seeing those signs already this year.
I've seen the looks one children noticing them for the first time in the season. While it isn't as panicked as I remember my expression being, it seems to be a rather sad look of resignation generally punctuated by an un-pausing of the handheld.
"Ritalin - I choose you!"
I think July is too early to start putting the pressure back on children who, I'm of the opinion, are a lot like regular people but smaller and less tactful and given to eating foods labelled "Extreme", "Flavor-Blasted" or "With Extra Green Slime".
What about a last-minute scramble for school supplies on the second or third day of school?
Or maybe they could put a bunch of school supplies in a pile and have the kids fight it out, razorwire deathmatch style.
Perhaps that is too much.
The real reason I'd like them to delay the marketing for "Back to School" season is that even today my chest tightens and I get an urge to stay up all night to let Summer know that I appreciate it.
How weird is that?

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tess said...

I grew up spending entire summers with my grandparents in New York, swimming in the pool and running around in a swimsuit during the hot, muggy, rainy days.

We didn't do much shopping in conventional stores (we went to a deli for deli meats, a butcher for dinner meats, a green grocer for fruits and vegetables), so I never really got the whole "back to school supplies showing up" thing as a trigger for "summer is over."

Instead, my trigger was "aw man, we're getting on a plane tomorrow" because that meant school started in a week or two =(