Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I had something pretty awesome planned for today in the interest of earning my "WAH" logo, but the interweb was uncooperative.
So instead, I just have a question.
When digging through some application graphics directories yesterday, I turned up this little guy:

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What do you think it means?
I'm leaning towards "Showers are Good", but the "+" kind of confuses me.
Showers plus what?
If the green color is meant to indicate the traditional "go", then the plus sign is redundant. Unless the plus sign indicates some understood shower addition like, say, shower + exfoliate or shower + take a nap.
The possibilities are truly endless. The thing I hate about endless possibilities is that they do tend to drag on and on and keep me from ever actually getting anything done.
So that is the question of the day I guess. Under what circumstances would you create such a sign? What the hell is the "+" ? Is that really even supposed to be water that guy is showering with? On my most recent glance, I thought it might mean "Lying Down in Front of the Tiller is Good", but again without knowing what to add to that via the mystery "+" I don't see the point in such a sign.
Okay that's three questions. I blame the possibilities.


Anonymous said...

I think that's the symbol for first aid showers for things like chemical spills in labs, etc.


Garrick said...

Okay. Yes, this is true.
But isn't it more fun to think that maybe the sign is a suggestion to, in the event of shower fog, write out equations on the glass?
Further, maybe there could be bonus points for not using your finger.

Andrew Moore said...

Transporter Plus! Now with greater effective range, and fewer instances of mirror universe mix-ups!

Garrick said...