Friday, July 20, 2007

I read late last night.
I finished the book.
My eyes burn and my head hurts but it was worth it because I know.
I can stand in line tonight at midnight with confidence that no one will spoil the ending for me before I buy the book.
I've also committed to not spoiling the ending for anyone else, though self-control has never been one of my strengths.
Last night the email address became the timestamp standard for people to send in their predictions. If you'd like "called it" status for your own "Minerva McGonagall is Lord Voldemort" theories, please feel free to send those. I will neither confirm nor deny whether your prediction is accurate, but I'll reply so that you can show the other geeks around you that you were right -- If you were. Any emails containing predictions which are later disproved will simply disappear, never to be heard from (or spoken of) again.


Andrew Moore said...

I'm going to hit my favorite bookstore at midnight tonight. I can't believe what a Harry Potter geek I've become.

I posted my prediction over at the "Mad Theatrics" blog. (

Andrew Moore said...

Halfway through the book.

Wow. Just ... wow.

Did your "advance copy" turn out to be the real deal?

Garrick said...

My "fell off a truck" copy was the real thing. I totally agree with your review.

Andrew Moore said...

Just finished it. Never before have I encountered such incredible storytelling.

It all really led up to this. Every loose string has been tied. I can't imagine this story ending any other way.

Cheers for Jo Rowling!


Garrick said...

She tied up strings I didn't even realize existed until the knot was complete.

Joe said...

Mrs. Weasley cusses. I'm still stunned ...

I picked the book up when I got back to Houston from College Station a little after 3:00 p.m. and I was done seven hours later. Holy moley.