Monday, August 25, 2008

My Breakfast With The Divine

After returning to my desk with breakfast, I noticed something which immediately made me gasp.
The gasp resulted in my inhaling a mouthful of coffee. The inhalation resulted in a good bit of the coffee being sprayed out onto my keyboard in disgusting, wet hacking sounds.
Swallow your coffee, then witness the miracle:

There, etched into my toast, was a message from a higher power.
I tried to share the wonder immediately.

"Look! Miracle toast! We must heed the message and leave work at once!"

"That's not a miracle. It's Dry-Erase marker."


"The Dry-Erase marker is sitting right by the plate, dumb ass."

"REPENT your disbelief and embrace the VISION!"

"I have no idea why you were ever put on this project."


"What, exactly, is wrong with you?"

And my manager walked out. When the toast gods smite him, I'm going to be there to say that I warned him.
Since I'll need to be there to witness it, I suppose I won't be heeding the toast either.

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