Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"New" Cubicles

Since I'm in the "War Room" all day everyday, the fact that my stuff has moved to a new cubicle in another building has very little impact on my day-to-day routine. It hasn't even changed where I park.
But from my single visit to the new cubicles, I learned a lot about company history.
As you can see from the image, cubicles are often constructed out of the remains of other cubicles.
These "Franken-Cubes" provide a cross-section view of major corporate events. In this case, since the lock was pried off the grey drawer unit, you can see that section of the cubicle was involved in the incident with what used to be the old Accounting department.
The multi-color wall panels illustrate this cubicle's gradual migration from building to building over the years.
This particular cubicle was also involved in an incident in 2004 involving an unfortunate "random" drug test from that admin who had been up all night trying to undo something a user did.
"What? You want a urine sample? From me?!? Let me just climb up on this desk and I'll give you your damned urine sample!"


Joe said...

Coat everything in anti-bacterial gel ... now.

That's disgusting. Your chair is probably a breeding ground for intestinal microflora ...

Garrick said...

My chair came with me. So you are probably right.

Darrell said...

I advise pouring something flammable on that wall and claiming it a "danger to the work place" hopefully that will lead to a new wall.. If not I suggest adding stains that cause others to ask for a new wall :)