Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tell Us Anything You'd Like Us To Know About Yourself

"Tell Us Anything You'd Like Us To Know About Yourself" is the phrase people say about fifteen minutes before I'm explaining my answer to Human Resources.
I've added some words and phrases to the "not to use in meetings" list.
I'm not sure which ones were the actual trigger, so this list is a little broad.
Though not specified in any employee handbook, you may want to take care when using:

1. Explainy

2. Verb (used as a verb, for example "He verbed 'error' and made it a seem like a lifestyle choice")

3. Flaming vortex of eternal suffering

4. My liquor delivery will be here this afternoon -- I may be in late tomorrow

5. I just went totally head-desk

6. Three Cheese Turkey Lean Pocket (This seems harmless, but the context made me add it to this list)

7. Suck (used as a noun, with reference to quantity)

I know it seems ridiculous, but even these harmless words can apparently trigger a walk to "sign this form and get back to work" with a follow-up "please, please, please just be reasonable" call from your agency.
I hope this list is informative and helpful.


Jane said...

What about facepalm?

Garrick said...

I'll give it a shot.

The next time they ask me to talk.

Da said...

Always still to Pwn, in and out of proper context!