Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holiday Lights

These red and green lights looked so festive I had to grab a picture with my camera phone.
It is less jolly, perhaps, when the realization hits that this particular lighting array on the front of an Xbox 360 translates to "General Hardware Failure" and results in a trip back to Microsoft for repairs.
I took this picture of the display machine at Target.
This is especially sad, since I was over there looking at the console specifically for the NetFlix functionality.
Apparently, if the Xbox were only made by someone other than Microsoft, it could be awesome.
There are several people who work around me who are Xbox 360 owners.
They found this image especially disturbing, though none say they have seen it on their own consoles.
I'm continuing to adjust to being back at work. There is a big push incoming to get everything done before our audit in . . . January? February?
I'm not sure. I wasn't really paying attention.
Also, if you know the audit is happening in advance, how can you honestly develop a long-term security posture?
It's like cramming for those standardized tests in school. It is required, but a broad base of knowledge can prepare a person for those as well as for life post-public school.
Studying for that specific test is a pretty major waste of school time.
And prepping for specific auditable events in our I.T. infrastructure is a pretty major waste of mine.
I'm extremely proficient in wasting time on my own, thank you.

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Minerva said...

Shit dude, thank you! I can't understand how these things are so faulty.