Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Last Post Of 2008, Prolly

The iced tea . . . It is less healthy than the stuff the flask in my laptop bag.
I took this picture of the tea preparation process in the cafeteria at work. That is a pitcher.
The top layer is tea.
The next layer is tea soaking into sugar.
The bottom half of the pitcher is all sugar.
I would assume at some point that this substance is super-heated, possibly using some type of magnet-driven turbo-furnace, so that the sugar will dissolve into the liquid.
When cooled, it is possibly refreshing.
When warmed back up to human body temperature, I suspect that unnatural jagged crystals of sucrose form within the liver, assuring a slow and painful death.
However, "sweet tea" is something which is considered serious business around here, and any references disparaging said sweet tea are met with immediate tar and feathering. At least, according to the policy manual here at work.
I chose to snap the picture (for your benefit, internet) and then quickly make my escape.
Overall, 2008 was a pretty big year here at Pr3++YG33kyTh1ng Worldwide Amalgamated Inc LLC.
In January, I got kicked off a Ben Affleck fan forum.
Later on, Pr3++yG33kyTh1ng attempted to purchase that same fan forum.
I spent some time getting a new job.
Way more time was invested in quitting my old job.
I found out why I was hired for the new job.
There was a training session where I was not given credit. Or fired. So I call that "even".
I was sent to another training session . . . as a trainer.
We built furniture.
I pushed through my idea for our new Team Mascot at work.
We came pretty close to ending the world.
I uncovered a vast, monkey-related conspiracy.
Also, I limited my daughter's educational options.
The way it looks from here, 2009 will be a lot like 2008, but later.
And I'll still be sharing too much with you, internets.

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