Monday, December 01, 2008

My Cubicle

I haven't had the opportunity to sit in my actual cubicle since . . . Well, I haven't actually been here at all, ever.
When I started here in April, I sat at a folding table for a couple of weeks and worked from my laptop.
After that, my whole group was moved to a corner of an upper floor in the building with most of the company.
It was determined that we, as a group, were too close to the "normals", and we were shuffled off again.
This time, we left our cubicles and moved into a training room in the dungeon area where we could share classroom-style desks and go about the collaborative effort of making this whole project thing happen.
While we did that, our stuff got packed up and moved to another location.
This set of cubicles is surrounded on one side my other (lesser) I.T. people and on the other by some type of loud buzzing machinery. Maybe it is an air conditioner.
The machine noises are really only loud from outside the building, though, and the hum of it is actually a bit soothing from inside.
Either way, it didn't matter since I was still in the dungeon of another building doing project work and largely ignoring my primary focus Monday through Friday.
While the project itself is still in full swing, I've been moved again.
After over seven months, I'm actually at my desk for the first time, working on the security junk I was hired to work on.

I have no idea what to do with myself.

I've placed some assorted Batman and Star Wars toys around my computer, as required my OSHA regulations (I assume) and I've put up a rear view mirror on my monitor so I know who has invaded my personal space, even though I probably wouldn't mind.
The sheer novelty of having personal space after this long without it makes up for an awful lot of invasion.
I pulled out my handy I.T. Services Official Company Calendar and turned the pages from August to December, then pinned it to the wall with a bent paperclip.
At some point I think I had a desk phone, but it seems to have wandered off.
Perfect. Disposing of the desk phone is officially off my to-do list.
I pulled out a box of paperwork which had been moved along with my belongings from the old cubicle and threw it all away since it was so terribly out of date.
I loaded my stapler.

Now what?

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