Friday, December 05, 2008

Team Building

I work on a blended team.
The guys hired before me concentrate on security on the desktop.
I and the guy hired a couple of months ago handle the server security.
Apparently, there is no clean way to name our group.
Also, even the guys that have been here seven years have their original titles.
Someone who analyzes.
There are a lot of people in I.T. hired almost in bulk with the "Analyst" title. This is because HR can fling out that word for just about any job role and no one has to explain what it entails by way of responsibility.
The guy hired after me is also an "Analyst".
I'm probably an "Analyst" too, but I skipped over that part of the job description and went straight to the number following the dollar sign at the bottom so I'm not totally sure.
As far as I'm concerned, for enough money a company can call me anything but French. Even I have my limits.
Anyway, we are restructuring our team at the moment to better define our role in the corporation.
As a side effect, we get to shed whatever title we were stamped with during the hiring process.
There are no rules around this, and I've actually been told to figure out my role and choose my own.
I toyed with the idea of "Internet Meme Analyst", but it still keeps that annoying and vague "Analyst" part, even if it slightly focuses the purpose.
"Duke of Citrix Security" was on the short list, since "DCS" looks official enough to hide behind my name in my email signature for potentially months before anyone asks what it stands for.
"Preventer of Information Technology" was actually recommended to me by a co-worker and I like it.
However, the self-printed, red-lettered, gothic-fonted sign under my name on the cubicle wall actually literally now reads:

"Dark Lord of Servers"

It has been a goal for too long to put off any longer. My rise to "Dark Overlord of Servers" is virtually assured, once I figure out who to kill or delete.

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