Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Still Here

Posting has become a little irregular, I'll admit.
There are two reasons.
The first is that I've been pretty busy at work. Well, like crazy busy, to be accurate.
The second is that I've decided that I'd rather skip a post than grasp desperately at a topic and milk it for 400 increasingly less interesting words.
I could go over the details of what facets of my job have been keeping me busy, but not without going over Windows server registry settings and the process behind making them sing and dance for my amusement. No one wants to read that. I suppose I could give each individual key a personality and write a dialog between them where they decide to stop intentionally trying to make me insane and instead offer to make me a no-sugar-added cheesecake. Even that has questionable potential in spite of the fact that the Current User hive strikes me as more than a little trampy.
The good news is that I've got a bunch of activities planned outside of work over the next couple of weeks. I find it hard to believe that none of it will contain the potential to be soundly and thoroughly mocked out here on the interwebs.
No one wants another World of Warcraft post, right?

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