Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Yeah, I don't know.
Coffee was late this morning because there were no big cups in the kitchen area (and I looked in the cabinets and everything) and now I'm not sure if I'll ever catch up with the day.
Until the big cups arrived, I'd been staring at a blank Blogger screen. Now I just need the coffee to start working.
Yesterday some seriously unfunny stuff happened. I mean, I like Dilbert well enough. But there is a marked difference between reading what is one of the most realistic portrayals of corporate life and actually being forced to participate in it.
Some decisions seem to be made based on criteria of which I am unaware. I further feel that even if I understood the "logic" behind some of these decisions, I'd know almost on a molecular level that they were still so very, very wrong.
Either way, from this angle it has ceased to be amusing. I'm even (in my admittedly low-on-coffee state) unable to find an angle at which to spin it into something funny.
I don't want to give anyone the impression that I'm depressed. Far from it, actually.
I'm just going to take a little time and come up with something productive to do. Since that isn't going to happen at work, I'll try to make Pr3++yG33kyTh1ng the place where awesome happens.
Hmmm . . . . "Where Awesome Happens". Someone should totally buy that slogan idea from me. For a lot of money. It would be worth it.
Maybe a whole campaign! Or a series of products all stamped in the corner with a stylized "WAH Certified" logo!
Hotels, airlines, car dealers, restaurants and clothing stores could all benefit from a little "WAH" co-branding. We should set up professional tester mystery shopper-types to evaluate potential clients before they can actually use the logo, though.
Not only could the brand be weakened by excessive use, the entire concept of Awesome itself could suffer from bad placement.


tess said...

My office life is much like a Dilbert cartoon as well... Except my boss is a woman and instead of pointy hair, she has frizzy hair.

And my HR manager is EXACTLY like the HR manager in Dilbert too... Except human looking.

Its for these very reasons that I have difficulty enjoying Dilbert cartoons... Because I read them, and say "damn... that happened at work yesterday."

I have similar difficulty watching "the office" for exactly the same reasons.

And "where awesome happens" is a great slogan! I can see it plastered on ads for amusement parks and snowboarding resorts and even used in Las Vegas tourism commercials =D

You should go trademark it or something, so when someone decides to use it without consulting you, you can sue them for sickeningly large amounts of cash =D

Garrick said...

I've added a handy logo on the right!