Saturday, May 10, 2008

Behold! Quite possibly the least Kosher restaurant this side of Klaus' Bacon-Wrapped Oyster Porkstravaganza!
It is also the site of our latest Team-Building exercise. Don't worry. They also serve chicken.
While I did not try the pork from any of the steaming piles of pig flesh on the buffet, the chicken was good. Also, the line to pay during lunchtime extends out the front door. You should know in advance that the choices are "in" or "out", since standing in the doorway with the door open will get you yelled at by the staff.
Little Pigs is only open three days a week, no doubt at the request of the American Heart Association.
If some kind of ceramic or plush pig was manufactured anywhere on the planet, at least one of those guys is perched atop the buffet table. It is kind of a novelty pig cafe with yelling.
We did manage to have a decent conversation in spite of the noise from a military ceremony and wedding party going on in the background.

Coworker: Hey, I notice you use a MacBook Pro. I'm thinking about getting one myself but I've been a die-hard Windows fan since Windows for Workgroups.

Me: You can't get a Mac.

Coworker: Why?

Me: You've obviously sold your soul to Microsoft. No Mac would have you.

Coworker: Really?

Me: Oh yeah. A Mac would run from you like a monkey from a jungle fire, my friend.

Coworker: Because I have no soul?

Me: Exactly.

Coworker: What if I gathered a bunch of souls and rolled in them? You know. Masked my scent.

Me: That would never work.

Coworker: What if I use a lot of souls. Innocent ones. Like from puppies or something.

Me: This isn't a Pentium 100 running Windows 95A. It's a Mac. I doubt puppy souls would even fool Linux.

I did some official house viewing last night. It was kind of awesome, but I only found one house which met more than 70% of my "Acceptable" criteria. At least I was hanging out with a real human outside work.

How sad.

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Jane said...

Puppies don't have souls, weirdo!

PS: I loled at "porkstravaganza."