Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy WTF?

I went to happy hour on Friday night because I so desperately crave human after-work contact if I'd been invited to help someone rake I'd have accepted.
As a bonus, I like my coworkers and happy hour sounded . . . happy.
Not content with $5 "buckets" of domestic longnecks, I immediately opted for the old Guinness Stout standby. I've got most of a six pack left in my hotel room refrigerator, but there is a lot to be said for $2 drafts. Starting with "Yay!"
My phone rang after beer #2 and I answered the call from my good friend Mr. Bergh, who gave me two bits of advice which I will share with you:

1. The new Conan massively multiplayer online game is a non-stop gore-fest of awesome. This is not the first time I'd heard that, but Mr. Bergh is comfortable enough with his geekiness to embrace the lore behind the bloodshed and 'Mature' rating -- while appreciating the bloodshed and 'Mature' rating.

2. Blue Moon is the perfect dessert beer to follow the meal that is Guinness Stout.

I went back to the bar and noticed that Blue Moon (which I had never heard of) was on tap, so I ordered one.
I was shocked and almost offended when an orange slice was squeezed in and placed on the side of the glass.
I staggered back to where my friends were sitting and all I could say was, "That guy. He put fruit in my beer."
"Is that a Blue Moon?"
"There is fruit in my beer," I attempted to clarify, "Fruit. Like an orange part. In my beer."
"That's a Blue Moon. They do that here."
"Hey, Garrick, is that fruit in your beer?"
I was even more offended to find the flavor refreshing and delightful.
The biggest shock? Google-searching for it when I got back to the hotel and discovering that it is a domestic beer.
What have I become?
And why, even knowing that, do I intend to pick up a six pack tomorrow?
And maybe an orange.

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