Friday, May 23, 2008

Not it!

Hey! Remember that set of emergency-holy-crap-o-my-God patches I was supposed to push out?
Never mind.
Turns out that does still belong to the people who tried to fling it at me. Unfortunately, this does not get me out of a meeting this afternoon about it. And I think the person who told me not to bother with it won't be attending so I may be left with the only argument being a giant pout, but that usually works anyway. Pouting may not work for children, but when adults do it there is an associated power that must be learned over time.
This meeting is not the only meeting of my Friday, though. Oh, no. There were four hours of other meetings where plans were made and decisions were postponed and deferred.
My favorite current debate is about what to call the test websites. They are temporary, but certificates will still need to be purchased. I requested "wildcard" certificates which would allow us to deploy anything in the format "", but no one knows who authorizes that so we will just be buying them one by one and discarding them after test. The only debate was the naming convention. Every environment must be tested from multiple entry points and each needs its own web address for each server farm -- abbreviated because we don't want the users to have to spell anything.
My suggestion of abbreviating "Medicare Internet Leveraged Farm" to almost made it through committee. I hope to have better luck with "Current Radius Authenticated Production".
I found out after my 11am meeting that the move from my folding table to a cubicle of my very own which had been scheduled for 4pm today had been done sometime while I was in a meeting. None of my stuff made the move, though.
Instead, I seem to have better stuff. Or maybe whoever used to sit here didn't fill out a move sheet either.
I think (though I lost my Employee Handbook in a bet on who could slide the furthest down a banister without putting his feet on the stairs) Corporate Policy states something like, "Finders Keepers."
My new computer is shiny and flat-screened and dual-cored, so I should be able to churn out paperwork (on my own printer) like all those people I hate so much.
And the picture of a dog in this cute little frame with paw prints around it can only serve to cast me in a more human light among my coworkers.
This will help when I eventually betray them all and fling myself up the chain of command using their corpses as spring boards.
That part is also, I assume, in the Employee Handbook.

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