Thursday, May 29, 2008


On a Thursday completely packed with meetings what could I possibly blog about?
Since moving from a single-floor building into the location known as "The Tower", I've had a lot of opportunities to ride the elevator from the ground floor towards my cubicle on the seventh.
Here is a list of things I've heard in the elevator over the past four days:

1. Some other nerd: "The best thing about my wife leaving me is not having to watch those stupid reality TV shows anymore."

2. Manager-type: "I've got a special project I need you to do for me every other Friday."
Worker: "Fine, but I'm going to need you to pay me in unicorns."
Manager-type: "Of course, but about the project . . ."

3. Some lady from I.T. Finance: "Ever since I stopped working from home and started coming back into the office everyone has all these questions for me. I think I'll just send out a blanket memo telling them to leave me alone."

4. Older gentleman who I suspect works in the data center, explaining the bandages going up the left side of his body: "I hit a slick spot going about 65, but I managed to get myself between the road and the bike. Paint doesn't heal."

5. I.T. worker: "If you use it a whole bunch of times it will become intuitive."

6. Young data center guy: "I can't believe I have pants on."
Other young data center guy: "Yeah. This corporate dress code sucks."

7. Project Lead: "Does anyone know when Jeff is going to run the rest of those tests?"
Worker: "Jeff, maybe?"
Project Lead: "No, I already asked him."

8. Worker: "That's a nice pen."
Other worker: "Keep it."
Worker: "You sure?"
Other worker: "I've got a zillion of them in my car. I'll just pick up more from the supply closet."

9. Admin: "They just put me on this project because I work well with paper."

10. Different Project Lead: "This timeline is way off. Everything is skewed by three weeks."
Project Coordinator: "It took us four hours to get the skewing in the same direction, so that's progress."

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