Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Once our transition to 100% LCD monitors is complete, this type of project will go the way of drink holders made from old CD ROM drives. Or wallets made from floppy disks. Or snares made from token ring cable.
I initially rejected the architecture role here, but it is good to see my skills will be remaining sharp.
And until the raised floor of the data center is filled up with cable, there are always pit traps with spikes at the bottom of them.
In case there was any doubt, being without my family highlights for me just how little I have going for me.
What do I do? Outside work . . . Nothing.
Online, our Guild Leader asked me for suggestions on how we could stop the mass flight from our guild. People are leaving at an alarming rate, and even putting a group together for simple stuff is getting to be problematic. Even I am getting recruited to join other guilds, and aside from my cries of "Not the face!" I've got little to distinguish myself from a zillion other players online at any given time.
I suggested a meeting. I spend 20+ hours a week in the damn things at work and when asked how we should spend time in game that's all I could come up with.
So we have a meeting tonight. We will hash out our differences and either resolve the issues or go our separate ways.
Other than that, when I get off work I struggle to come up with some activity to amuse myself at least a bit. Two realtors have stopped returning my calls after I followed them around just looking at houses whether I was interested in them or not.
I used to think of myself as a fairly independent person, but that idea has been completely destroyed each time I catch myself muttering to myself in the hotel room. Or worse, singing the microwave instructions to South Beach Kung Pao Chicken.
I'm going insane. Less than a month, and I'm watching my sanity slip away just to amuse myself.
I've taken to giggling at inappropriate times. More than normal, anyway.
My best friends back home have all decided that the best way to contact me is to log into World of Warcraft . . . Because what the hell else do I have to do?
I am still looking for a house, but Shana has convinced me to drop my "Turret Requirement" from 6 down to 4. I'll see what I can do, but I'll need to be careful that the neighborhood watch can assist in defending us against the local Robber Barons. And who knew flaming tar was bad for the environment? If it was good enough for Sir Henry Morgan, it is good enough for us, in my opinion. Of course, that same opinion has landed me on the "Do Not Answer" list for an additional realtor, so your mileage may vary.
I've got a late meeting this afternoon. Sadly, I'm looking forward to the extended hang-out time with my coworkers.

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