Friday, May 16, 2008

This is Wrong

I've got a couple of hours left in my workday and I'm dreading the end of it.
I know that once I leave I'm staring into the face of a broad expanse of nothing for over 48 hours. No human contact, nothing to do, and a 10x12 room with a laptop separating me from total insanity.
It cannot totally keep insanity and I apart, even harnessing the power of OS X.
It is wrong to dread the weekend.
We got all the broken stuff fixed yesterday around 4pm and I spent the entire morning on Friday in meetings about the new environment which no one else can break.
Except under the current design (going live in a couple of weeks) they can totally break it.
So I spent meeting time flinging rocks at the glass structure of the foundation of the totally awesome new-and-improved network in the hopes that some of those stones could form a better sub-structure.
If not, at least I tried.
And for someone working hourly, there are financial benefits to design flaws.
I'm all about financial benefits.
This morning Shana mailed a check to the people who currently own the home we want, so we are well on our way to dual mortgage country. We may be totally strapped for cash until the old Pr3++YG33kyTh1ng Worldwide Incorporated Blog Factory and Mac Tweak Lab headquarters sell, but I have a shot at not going completely insane. And that is an upside difficult to price.
Anyway, expect a post about the new house as soon as I sign paperwork on it. It is fully blog-worthy.
Oh, and I promised a post about why my manager hired me. Or at least to tell that story in a different post. So here goes:

I spend a lot of time in meetings these days with three other geeks who have been designated "Farm Owners", since they each have authority over a whole Citrix farm for one business enclave. I show up to the meetings as the security guy for all three farms.
Two of the Farm Owners were hired about the same time I was, so the three of us are learning not how things technically work, but how they really work at this company.
A lot of the process of how decisions are made at this company visibly and audibly frustrates the guy who has been here for years. He reacts emotionally when confronted with "stupid", and that isn't bad in itself. Some level of passion about one's job is admirable.
I was hired, according to my boss, to react logically to "stupid". I'm the balance the team needed. I'm the reasonable one.
I'm the one who sets the standard for mature and measured responses.
I'm deleting a bunch of my older posts here before my manager reads them and re-thinks my role.

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Darrell said...

umm.... Good News about the new house hope it rocks. Sorry to hear someone thinks your mature, they must not have seen you eat Thanksgiving dinner.