Sunday, May 11, 2008

On Saturday I went to see a Susan Sarandon film. In it, she played a matriarch desperately trying to hold her family together following the death of her oldest child. To see her reach out to to a son with the most desperate middle-child syndrome ever portrayed was truly heart-wrenching.
With her typical dignity, she provides a foundation for healing for her whole family.
She even manages to embrace the girlfriend who encourages her son's dangerous activities with sincerity and genuine love.
Of all the films I've seen this year, this one brought home to me what family really means.
Also, there was auto racing.


Jane said...

So did it suck seriose bad?

Darrell said...

I've noticed that you now post on weekends... That bored huh

Garrick said...

It didn't suck . . . But Iron Man was so much better there is almost no way to compare them outside both being technically films.
Speed Racer is exactly what one would expect from live action Anime done by the people who made the second Matrix movie.
If you haven't seen Iron Man, don't see anything else until that is done.

Yes, Darrell. I'm that bored. Plus I'll be showing off the sticks I've been whittling in a future post.