Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Know People

Anyway, we have a lot of crap going on at work right now. For example, the entire infrastructure is being rebuilt, including the servers I'm responsible for keeping live.
Right now, 10% of Citrix Consulting is on-site here four days a week to manage that migration. I keep saying,"Just because it is broken in this way now is no excuse to migrate bad policy into the environment." I'm quite an ass about that, actually.
Remember this job opportunity? It resulted in this delightful trip to our nation's capitol.
What I did not disclose is that it also resulted in a pretty kick-ass job offer in Charleston, South Carolina. There was big-time government work, security clearance and (after I pressed relentlessly for several days) enough money.
I accepted the job. An hour later, mouse hovering over the 'Send' button on my "Screw you I quit" letter, my phone rang. Or vibrated. Anyway.
The recruiter told me that the head-count requirements changed and they could not, in fact, add me to the team. It was very close to being a horrible situation, but eventually I got my money back for the plane ticket and moved on with my life.
It was that opportunity that got me looking at South Carolina, though. So I ended up here anyway.
Speaking of here, I mentioned that 10% of the Citrix Consulting workforce is on-site here four days a week, right? They brought in a subject matter expert to configure one of the network appliances . . . And it is the same guy who interviewed (and hired and downsized and refunded) me for the position in Charleston. Isn't that weird?
Also, at the time he never mentioned being a subject matter expert in this particular appliance at the time. It might have just not come up, but I suspect that all consultants just bluff their way into being subject matter experts and learn while being on the job.
I like to believe that, anyway, since that is exactly what I do.
Parents: Don't dismiss a theatre degree right away when your child announces that as their goal. It does not always result in homelessness.
Actually, in my particular case it has resulted in the opposite in which I will start the paperwork this evening on owning two homes at the same time.
Nevermind that the expense of this kind of foolishness may also result in homelessness, though not due to my classical theatrical training.
I wouldn't advise buying a home before selling the existing home, but I've discovered that life apart from my family is hardly life at all. I miss my kid. I miss my wife, who is my best friend and confidant.
Sometimes (rarely, given their behaviour) I miss one or more of the cats.
My coworkers' "What did you do over the weekend?" is a sad, sad question to answer these days.

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