Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy 700th Post, Interwebz

Friday afternoon I had a "Strategy Meeting" with some members of upper management, my manager, and some of the key people on the "Plan" team.
The question of job roles came up, since most of upper management only sees consultants by their cost-center code.
When it was my turn, the assumption that I mitigate security issues was voiced.
My manager replied,"Garrick doesn't actually fix anything."
To be fair, I don't.
I coordinate the efforts of several different teams to congeal a unified response to risk from both inside and outside the company.
Did I clarify in that way? Oh, hell no.
I went with my gut response which was,"It's just kind of a personal policy I have."
This went over better than one would expect actually. Normally when I tell the truth the reaction from management is more visceral.
Anyway, the point is this:
I now officially have a tag line for my self-produced corporate business card which reads, "Garrick doesn't actually fix anything" - Garrick's manager, June 27, 2008
It is important to set expectations early on in the relationship, in my opinion. The time period between the exchange of business cards and the awkward moment when one tries to figure out where to stash a newly-acquired business card from someone else is that time.
In other news, I'm again staring into the grim face of another long weekend. When I get a final official close date on the house and my exodus from the hotel I'm sleeping fitfully in, I'll pass it along.


Darrell said...

Umm... I believe your wife had "Garrick doesn't actually fix anything" copyrighted years ago.

Darrell said...

Btw Gratz on 700 post!