Tuesday, June 03, 2008

June 3

This was the best picture I could come up with, but my good friend Jon goes in for surgery today and I can't find much else to stress about immediately.
"Mufflet" is our beloved guild leader. Even before his meteoric rise to in-game power, we ran through a number of dungeons together. We worked out a unique group synergy where he would rush in in bear form and chew on the bad guys, then resurrect me after the fight with his druidic magic. Ah, teamwork.
Most of my raiding memories involve the view of the bad guy blocked by Mufflet's enormous bear butt.
Quick note: Do NOT Google "bear butt". I may never have all my sight back, and I may never care.
Anyway, whatever strange medical procedures they do up in the frozen lands to the north ("Nurse! I need 20cc's of beaver, stat!") I look forward to your full and quick recovery.
Also, I need a quick loan from the guild bank.
You know.
They happen.

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