Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Not Fast Enough

I was totally caught flat-footed. My coworkers are better at dodging than I am, I guess.
So far, aside from a day and a half of pre-employment training, I've managed to avoid trips back to the training area.
This all changes all too soon.
Someone from our group needed to take a class, and the short straw was pulled my me.
What the hell is "Business Negotiation" and why do I need to attend a half-day training session for it?
It isn't like we have the ability to say "no" to business requirements. For example: When someone suggests that someone from my team waste half a day in a "Business Negotiation" training class, someone has to go waste half a day in "Business Negotiation" class.
In my opinion, the only thing which qualifies a person to need a class like this is an inability to successfully dodge the request.
Well. Maybe I do need to go.
Anyway, as soon as the class fills up, that is where I will be hanging out.
These are the pitfalls which come with keeping a "tidy" calendar, I suppose.
If it goes anything like the last class, it will be filled with people who also failed to get out of it. Within an hour, most people will be staring glassy-eyed at the presenter with a pathetic string of drool pooling next to the keyboard of the training PC. Seriously, there are paper towels there for specifically that.
In other news, I've grabbed another couple of photos to share with you all about life in South Carolina. Please excuse the crappy cellphone quality.

This is in the first floor men's room in my new building. My gut reaction, every time this sign greets me on my way in, is to scrunch up my forehead, point at it and say,"No! Your hands are crawling with bacteria!" I generally go with my gut on this one, too.
Who is that sign to judge me? I wash my hands dozens of times a day and use that anti-bacterial gel crap.

This "business" is about a block from my hotel. I've never eaten there. It is rarely open, actually.
Has anyone ever seen a more obvious front for the mafia?
Capone's "Not Just Pizza"? I would guess they also offer racketeering, tax evasion, prostitution and protection schemes. And maybe a calzone.

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