Friday, June 20, 2008

Oh, yeah?

Mindset Media and Nielsen Research just published a study of the "mindset" of 25,000 American adults. They determined that people who are early adopters of new technology (known to most as "geeks") are, as a group, likely to score high in leadership qualities, dynamism, and assertiveness. This same group is likely to be arrogant and conceited.
First: "Dynamism"? noun - A theory that all phenomena (as matter or motion) can be explained as manifestations of force.
or - A dynamic or expansionist quality.
Expansionist? Like Manifest Destiny? Who paid for this study?
Probably not geeks, if you ask me.
How dare they imply that I am arrogant?
And Mindset Media and Nielsen Research can just fix their own damn computers from here on out because I know I wouldn't bother to reply to their stupid cries for help. I'm way too good for that.
In other news, I failed. Well, as it was explained to me "no one fails", but I'll be getting no credit for the training course last week with the whole card swap nuclear incident.
As a result, I have to take another class to satisfy our training requirements.
I'm the only one amused by the fact that the class I'm scheduled to take on July 7th is a Business Ethics class called "Our Values". Roleplaying exercises are a core component of this class. In short, I'm screwed.
Especially since I already asked around to find out if anyone had a copy of the quiz at the end.
I like to be prepared. Preparation is one of "My Values".
No joke -- The question has been asked if there is a remedial version of the class that I could take or if I could just do the online course from my (or preferably my manager's) desk. With someone else using the mouse.
I can only hope for social promotion at this point.
In even more other news, my backup totally quit this morning and was escorted off campus. There was no specific "incident", but a rogue geek with elevated rights is not a geek one wants to have near a network jack.

Also, holy crap look at this!

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