Monday, June 09, 2008

No New Movies

I stared at the weekend from Friday morning and struggled to keep the panic off my face. If the weekend senses fear, it is driven to attack.
But seriously, what the hell was I supposed to do?
I've been over (and over) the fact that I have no life at all on the weekends. Without my family, I spend a lot of time in my crappy hotel room counting the smoke detector.
Start over.
Holy crap.
This past weekend, with nothing to see at the theatre and no reason to leave my hotel room at all, I decided to be productive online in World of Warcraft.
I've developed a system. Nothing ground-breaking or against the Terms of Service or anything, but since I've hit the level cap and have all the gear I can use from the content my guild is currently pwning, the only standard for progress is in-game gold.
Here, in short, is the system:
Webinara is a leatherworker who spends time gathering rare leather patterns. She also picks up the occasional bauble to sell on the in-game auction house.
I decided a while back that instead of having her spend time jogging between the auction house and the mail box, I'd create a character to do that for her. Webinara does the questing and the crafting, and my bank mule handles the business side.
The neat thing is that nothing in the game associates these two characters as being from the same account, so as my bank mule posts auctions and gathers cash, she also announces rare leather goods in trade chat in the major cities.
"Belt of Natural Power, Shadow Resistance Armor Kit, Nethercobra Leg Armor, your materials and tip please."
Responses are generally, "How can you make that stuff? You are a level one noob. lol."
And then my reply is,"I can't, but for five gold I can tell you who can."
Once the deal is done, Webinara logs in, makes the stuff, collects another tip and goes back to questing.
By using two characters, I can also cause some . . . market price volatility. First, Webinara builds up a stockpile of items which sell normally for 350 gold. My bank character posts a few at 1000 gold, then Webinara buys them. Item price databases are updated to reflect the "market change" at a cost to Webinara of a couple of gold in listing fees.
Then the bank mule posts the items again for 700 gold and they sell within a few hours to someone who sees a 30% discount from the "normal" price.
It sounds like kind of a pain, and there are probably more elegant ways to earn money, but the results are starting to speak for themselves.
Webinara has over four thousand gold right now, with enough buffer to cover "operational expenses" like arrows and equipment repairs.
My auction house mule broke the ten thousand gold mark on Saturday night.
Equating this to real-world, tangible things would be hard were it not for the Chinese in-game gold market. That rate puts the total asset value at over $500 real American dollars.
Last night my auction house mule bought every scrap of silk cloth available on the server and posted it all back up at a 50% mark up.
I've been analyzing the pre-production patch notes to start hoarding items which are cheap now but will be in demand in the future when new uses turn up.

I say this with grim certainty: My family has to get here soon.

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