Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Even More Pictures

Since the last couple of days have been all so terribly confrontational, I thought I'd share some crappy camera phone pictures.
Please keep in mind that the process for taking these is always the same. I see something. I wrestle my phone out of my pocket and navigate the complicated menu to the camera section, I attempt to zoom (though my camera has no such feature) and I snap the picture while saying "the internets must be made aware of this".
Here is the latest batch. I brightened the important bit of this first one using Acorn.

The owner of this Mitsubishi is either a fan of irony or is trying really poorly to compensate for something. As a bonus, this picture includes a bit of the back of one of the buildings where I'm working. For most of the past year, I spent most of every day in the dungeon under this particular building while the normals drove their not-quite Italian sports cars out in the sun. Suckers.

What the crap is this? My best guess is that it is some kind of skink. The head was actually that weird reddish color, too. This guy (about as long as a standard brick) was hanging out by the front door of the building where my cubicle is. After I took the picture, he charged at me and I . . . Went for reinforcements. And to find a scientist specializing in radioactive monsterism.

As part of the "Heath and Wellness" initiative at work, I (and everyone else, I hope) have been invited to a number of lunchtime nutritional meetings (which I have made a point to skip).
This is a two-pronged plan to get everyone to make better dietary choices which also includes tagging the cafeteria vending machines with "Fit Pick" labels.
When Cool Ranch Doritos make the "Fit Pick" cut, one has to assume that every other choice in that vending machine is laced with cyanide-packed bacon.
In my experience (and I've skipped out on so many nutritional lectures I ought to know), delicious does not always equal healthy.
A couple of weeks ago if you put a dollar in the machine and selected 127, the machine would rock forward and slam itself into your forehead. I guess removing that choice is a step in the right direction at least.

Oh, hey. There is a picture of a Warcraft Orc on the right. If you click it, Mountain Dew has promised me awesome things.

I'd click dumb stuff for you, internet.

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