Thursday, May 07, 2009


"This is the second notice that the factory warranty on your vehicle is about to expire . . . "
I get two calls a day from these guys. A lot of people get these calls.
I've requested to be removed from the list multiple times and it hasn't worked.
I've been told that the database for that is having issues and to bear with them while their system glitch burns up my cell minutes every day.
If you punch the codes to talk to a person, they refuse to give you a call back number.
Here, internet, is their number:
(949) 475-9500
(800) 499-5711
If you've been bothered by them, I recommend calling them and offering to sell them a warranty on their computer system. I've done it half a dozen times today and will continue to until I get bored with it or they give me the access to fix their database issue (which I suspect is related to the fact that they don't actually have a do-not-call database).
If you have a modem, I recommend configuring the 800 number as your dial-in number and setting it to "unlimited retries".

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