Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It Seems To Have Not Been My Fault

Yesterday afternoon I met with a plumber. One look under my kitchen sink and he was almost offended.
Now, I'd made quite a mess under there. It was ugly. I'd patched and filled and poked holes and puttied over them in search of the leak in the water filter for about a week with no success.
But he said that was all fine, if totally unattractive. In fact, since it was inside a cabinet it was almost acceptable.
The problem was our lack of adherence to "The Code", which as near as I can tell is a religion practiced by people who know how to use tools.
Our kitchen drain violated several tenets of "The Code" and bringing it back in line with doctrine seems to be important towards getting used water to exit the premises.
Whoever installed the garbage disposal put in a giant one. The output for it is actually lower than the output in the wall for the drain itself.
This left water sitting in the pipes which I liberated with a drill by messy accident over the weekend.
According to "The Code", water must exit the pipes via gravity when possible. It makes sense in a Newtonian kind of way, but I decided to not try to blend my science with his zealotry.
As for the actual filter (a nice three-stage reverse-osmosis unit) he found no fault in my connections. All the fittings I was certain were correctly . . . fitted . . . were.
The leaks were coming from dozens of tiny holes up and down the length of two of the factory-provided hoses.
As I expressed my confusion, one of our cats jumped into the cabinet and bit down on one of these hoses, hard.
I'm not 100% sure she is the source of the holes, but she is smugly certain that she has defeated the brand-new water filter which, of course, needed to be replaced.
The plumber will be back on Thursday with (I assume) a large hammer and several smaller hammers to redeem our pipes and obtain from them assurances of their adherence to "The Code".
One of the things I'm noticing about "The Code" is that there seems to be very little emphasis placed on charitable works.
Or kind feelings towards tiny domesticated felines.

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