Monday, May 11, 2009


After closely reading reviews for the new science fiction epic, I have decided to not go and see it.
There is no mention of lightsabers anywhere. There are no references to pithy Jedi wisdom. No reviewer has awkwardly flopped sentence structure around like Yoda.
I can only conclude that this latest Star Wars movie is about as far from the original as possible without using Jar Jar Binks.
Not. Interested.
After last week, I'm pretty sure I'd fall asleep as soon as the lights in the theatre dim anyway.
I just submitted a time sheet to my agency with seventy-one hours on it.
As I'm sure I've complained about, not all of it was related to our audit.
The audit stuff kicked off on Thursday with some meetings.
On Friday we were scheduled to begin submitting scan data at 1pm, but the pre-scan meeting ran until after 5pm and the post-meeting scan ran until 8pm. I got home at about 1am Saturday.
I was probably supposed to work last night, but I couldn't bring myself to check.
Especially not with a fresh copy of The Ruins demanding to be watched.
I like Belize. I've always wanted to go. When a horror movie set against the backdrop of ancient Mayan ruins fails to dim a person's desire to visit, it may have failed.
While I know the "official" sequel to Donnie Darko is S. Darko, I prefer to think that The Ruins picks up right after to tell the story of what happened to Donnie's girlfriend. Of course, there is also 30 years in between the stories and the girlfriend hasn't aged that much, but I can write that off to creative storytelling in Hollywood.
I also correctly identified that character as the one who survives when she asked to remain in the resort reading and then put on her glasses. These are the hallmarks of "the one who lives" in horror movies.
What I did not foresee was nature of the monster involved. If I had, I would not have picked up the movie at all. I promise.
It was enough to make me begin to haunt spoiler sites in order to know what I'm getting into before starting the process of watching a movie.
Thus, I can tell you that Star Trek is not reported to have scenes revolving around the political machinations of powerful Sith lords or fumbling Jedi flirtation. Therefore: No sale.
This week my plans include . . . Um . . . More audit stuff. This process is a pretty massive pain so far. I plan to console myself by having solid gold toilets installed at the Pr3++yG33kyTh1ng World Headquarters.
According to my hours, those are overdue.

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Leslea said...

We went and saw it yesterday and I really enjoyed it. I'm sorry there are no light sabers but that's ok, it was still a good movie.