Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Things Come Up

Another dead-on perfect image for the blog!
Excuse me for a moment while I pat myself vigorously on the back.

As you can see by the diagram provided, we had some slight system malfunction/uprising at the beginning of the week which resulted in my having spent about 27 hours on the clock this week when I arrived at my desk this morning.
In all that time, I did no audit prep work at all and the auditors are here today.
I've got more overtime scheduled over the next few days to manage that effort but I'm also hoping to wedge a nap in there somewhere.
My co-worker was out yesterday with a possible kidney stone. He returned to work today with percocet which he refuses to share. I thought we were trying to have a team in here, but I guess that was just my misconception.
I even tried reminding him that management specifically told us that they wanted a pain-free audit this year. There is no more efficient way to ensure that, in my opinion, than through the distribution of prescription strength medications specifically designed to alleviate discomfort.
Anyway, stuff was broken and I needed to spend an insane amount of time at the office fixing it or at home ignoring my family while I'm logged in at work barking into my cellphone about how long it has been since I slept.
The official answer to our technical issue from the vendor was a resounding "I don't know, what do you think it is?" which was possibly even less helpful than it sounds.
Audit stuff.
I've got three days of work to cram into the time before lunch.
Can it be done? Sure.
Can it be done without the users experiencing quite a bit of pain? No, since I swiped the bottle of percocet when my co-worker hobbled to the restroom and I'm not sharing.
Time to unplug my desk phone and start making some progress.

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