Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spreading Illness

My co-worker has a head cold. Possibly it is just allergies. Either way, he's pretty miserable.
Yesterday I suggested that it is probably Swine Flu, a comment that yielded more laughter than I thought it merited.
Anyway, after that had died down, I told my sick co-worker that Encyclopedia Dramatica had an entry up for Swine Flu pretty immediately which listed symptoms including "causes people to get perma-banned IRL".

"IRL?" he asked.

"In Real Life," I offered.

"Encyclopedia Dramatica?"

"That's 4chan's Wikipedia."


"They make most if not all of the memes on the interwebs."


"Um, like a goofy internet joke. Like Rickrolling. And lolcats."


"Sending someone to the YouTube video for Never Gonna Give You Up instead of basically anything else."


"Are you serious? 'I can has cheeseburger?' 'I has a flavor?' 'Ceiling cat is watching you masturbate?'"

"This is awesome. It's like you are speaking a different language."

"All your base are belong to us?"


"I can't believe I just explained rickrolling to the last person on the planet who might actually fall for it."

I sent him a list of half a dozen links or so in the hopes of being able to better communicate in the future.
Fostering better internal team communication is a vital part of the security process, after all.
This morning he looked a little more ragged than he had yesterday. It was not related to his ongoing Swine Flu issues.

"I looked up from one of the pages you sent me to and noticed it was 1am. That didn't stop me from reading, but I did notice."

"Then my work here is done."

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