Tuesday, March 14, 2006

And then, this other time, I was back at work . . .
Someone unplugged my laptop over the weekend, so while I restart Outlook and it loads over 100 new messages about stuff I need to do, I'll update.
I spent a lot of time yesterday afternoon trying to come to terms with what happened at the interview yesterday and why. As I mentioned last post, everyone I met during the interview process looked like the IT staff from technology marketing stock photos. My wife has explained this as "the Florida Effect" - an endless drive found in people in sunny, beach-facing locations to look better, or at least look like everyone else.
It isn't that everyone wasn't nice. And it isn't (I hope) that I looked or dressed like their parents.
I once got recruiter feedback after an interview that the hiring committee had given me the nickname "The Citrix Guy from Baywatch." This was less than a year ago. I got that job, but had forgotten that assessment for some reason until this morning.
As the plane circled out of the airport over the beaches and back around a cruise ship slowly pulling through the blue green waters I wondered if "the Florida Effect" isn't some kind of evolutionary response to these surroundings, like some kind of need to blend in to beautiful scenery. As long as you don't actually BECOME scenery, I guess I don't really have a problem with it.
If they are looking for a "seasoned" technology person I guess I qualify. If they are looking for someone who can stay up until 3am doing shots and getting stuff pierced . . . Well I could probably do that too, to a limited extent. I think skin as old as mine may not pierce normally anymore. Note to self: Pick up moisturizer on the way home.
I guess I could content myself with the kindly advisor role, an Obi Wan patiently listening to the whines of Jedis-in-training. As long as I get to occasionally cut someone's arm off in a bar I'm ok with that.
As an added bonus, I was lost for a pretty long time in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday night and never saw one Ewok.

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