Friday, March 17, 2006

Casual jeans Friday! Casual jeans Friday!

So, today I'm not doing anything. Absolutely freaking nothing. It is completely awesome. All day today is tied up trying to support the dumbest Exchange archiving strategy I've ever seen or heard of.
Here is the thing:
All incoming or outgoing email is saved in one single 'archive' mailbox on the mail server. All mail. No filtering. No automatic deletion of old junk, ever. This means it is about 70% spam and pornography.
Since this mailbox grows at about a gig a day now since the new acquisitions, it needs to be moved before the drive fills up and the server crashes.
One USB hard drive later, someone has to manually copy these files to their new home.
Since a USB drive is no kind of enterprise mail solution, these messages will be converted (manually, through a mail client) into 1GB personal archive folders and burned to DVD, also courtesy of the USB ports.
Who would come up with such a stupid method? (company name deleted to comply with non-disclosure agreement) of course.
The Exchange team and I have been having meetings about it. Since I'm the only member of the Exchange team, the fact that these meetings are out loud are a bit disturbing to my real live co-workers.

Me: "So, what do you guys thing we should do about this process? The copy seems to have stalled their mail traffic."
Me (in a southern drawl): "Don't know, don't care."
Me (in a squeaky voice): "I hate them. Reboot it."
Me (in a lower octave): "Fuck 'em."
Me: "I agree, guys. Good work. Take the afternoon off."

With that meeting over with, the four of us set to work on the device none of us are allowed to touch. If it breaks, I can't have done it. If it works, whatever.
Our Citrix team (also just me) has a half hour meeting scheduled at Starbucks this morning. Having it there is the only way to get that one guy to show up. I'll probably end up buying his coffee, too.
I guess it is worth it. He does good work. I just don't quite trust him. He talks to himself.

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