Saturday, November 24, 2007

I May Keep Live Writer



For the past decade or so, we've made most of our cash as a family from supporting Microsoft server-related support. While this doesn't mean that I've never gotten a call from someone who returned from lunch to find all of her work missing, the email she had been writing all morning gone, her Internet Explorer favorites overwritten with weird stuff and her desktop background replaced with a picture of some strange man (As it turns out, she sat down in the wrong cubicle), it does mean that I've been regularly away from the user community puttering away behind the scenes making Microsoft's server products function as well as (if not better than) they promised on the flash presentation some Executive downloaded.

Like ten freaking years, almost.

The whole time I've embraced the upgrade process from 95 to 98, from 98 to 98d, from 98d to Windows 2000 to XP to Vista on our computers at home. I've felt it was the proper thing to do to thank Microsoft for creating software with such weird glitches it requires a full-time support staff of surly, user-hating, science fiction-watching pasty people.

Bill Gates gets a "Thank You" e-card from me every year, and I don't see that tradition stopping anytime soon.

Here is a list of things which are stopping soon:

1. My user account control settings will never again be called into question.

2. If I go to a website and download a program, I will never again be asked if I'd like to download it and then again if I'd like to run it and then again if I'm sure I'd like to run it.

3. Software I purchase will no longer hobble itself if for any reason it can't access a massive database somewhere in Redmond which I have no control over.

4. "Ultimate" features I pay extra for will not have to be disabled because they slam the processor for 40% utilization while I just . . . Check . . . My freaking . . . . Webmail.

5. My totally up-to-date, much-heralded web browser will not just shut itself own in the middle of an article and toss an error message up to block my finishing the read before hitting the damn "Okay" button. You know what? It's not "Okay". It pisses me off. At least tell me why in the event log. If the OS knows enough to toss an error it should jot it down in the event log. Why else even have an event log?

6. I've got my own anti-virus. I said I'll take care of it. Windows Security Center should take my word on it, set some registry flag and leave me the hell alone about it.

7. My "Next Generation" operating system will not serve up fewer frames per second on better hardware than my old reliable one on hardware a couple of years old.

You know how I know all these problems will be going away soon?

I got the shipment notification this afternoon for my Mac.

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