Thursday, November 08, 2007

Real Estate


Me: Hi! I'm calling to ask a few questions about a property listed as 2748342.

Real Estate Agent: That is a lovely property. It has been completely renovated on the inside. I'm sure you will find it a delightful place for a growing family.

Me: It says here it used to be a convent.

Real Estate Agent: It was originally built in 1924 as a convent, yes. It has quite a rich and colorful history and much of the antique, hand-crafted stained glass is still in place.

Me: Just how rich is that history?

Real Estate Agent: I'm not sure what you mean . . .

Me: Why is it no longer a convent?

Real Estate Agent: I . . . don't know. It doesn't specify.

Me: Was there ever a murder on the premises?

Real Estate Agent: That isn't listed either. I'm sure it would be if anything significant had happened there.

Me: Are you saying you can't tell me definitively that no Nun was ever brutally murdered there? Like maybe even a few hours before Christmas Mass?!? Could it perhaps no longer be a convent because of the taint of evil left by the terrible atrocities committed within?

Real Estate Agent: I don't really see where that is even a reasonable concern . . .

Me: Reasonable?!? What if I step out of the shower and am confronted by some psycho undead Nun?!? How reasonable is that?!? Do the walls drip blood?!? Can you answer that?!?


A few hours later, in World of Warcraft guild chat:

Webinara: So she flat refused to tell me if there had ever been a Nun brutally murdered there and before she hung up on me she said I was making a big deal out of a totally unknown possibility. And she suggested I seek help.

Noobslayer: Really?

Webinara: Yeah. Like it was totally beneath concern.

Noobslayer: But we are talking about a potential spectral Nun situation.

Webinara: Exactly!



This post is not a late Thursday post. It is an early Friday post. I'll be away from my blogger account (again dodging the TSA) most of the day on Friday, but I didn't want a repeat of the whole Monday fiasco. I'm sure we can all agree this is for the best.

I demand credit.

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