Tuesday, November 13, 2007



Okay, so I've had to clarify this a few times by email and the phone.

Yesterday I put in my two weeks notice and then notified the Columbus people that I would not be taking their job offer. I know that sounds messed up, but if the offer was good enough to make me consider going but not good enough for me to take, my staying in my current position isn't doing anyone any good.

However, as generally happens in I.T., it was decided that I should be away from the building before lunch, never to return. It is fortunate that I didn't volunteer to bring a side dish for the Thanksgiving luncheon or they would be so screwed.

Anyway, I was actually offered lunch on my way out but declined because I had scheduled an interview at noon already and know I have limited time to secure gainful employment. Though it was tempting because burritos rule!

I'm hoping to be able to survive for a while on the residuals from my technical documentation and spreadsheet work. I've read up a little on the writers strike; I know my demands are reasonable.

This is the part of an I.T. job-cycle where the Technology Lifer flings himself into the unknown with the grim certainty that while he will miss his former co-workers, just about anywhere he lands will probably be better for his career.

Plus, two weeks at home beats two weeks at work.

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