Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sick in a Number of Ways


< This one. This is the cat which is sick.

Her third eyelid, which normally eclipses her left eye when she is extremely happy, had been exhibiting bliss for a solid three days or so, so we decided that I should drag her up to the clinic for an exam. This duty fell to me, since I got nothing better to do, right? Actually, right.

Here are some things which I did not know about cats:

1. Sometimes the eyes just do that. Of course, there are a host of horrible illnesses which can cause it, but in the absence of those -- it just happens.

2. Cats do not enjoy having UV reactive dye squirted in their eyes for diagnostic purposes. That seems obvious, and given a moment to consider it I'm sure I would have guessed it. However, neither I nor the cat were given that moment of quiet reflection so it goes into the "stuff I didn't know" pile. For the record, it looks awesome!

3. The sweetest cat is transformed into a snarling, hissing monster when having her temperature taken. Again, if I'd known the mechanics of this procedure I could have probably made that logical leap. These are not things I think about.

4. Cats like little enclosed places to use as a lair from which to launch attacks on unsuspecting passers by. Little enclosed places do not include pet carriers, though those things seem to me to be positively made for that kind of activity.

5. Cats have . . . special glands  . . . which need to be . . . expressed from time to time. Your veterinarian will be happy to show you how to do it at home if you don't want to bring your cat in to have it done.

This isn't as much about cats as it is about life in general, but I'm adding it to the list:

6. When your veterinarian offers to show you how to do this procedure, screaming in terror and then attempting to hide under the exam table while sobbing "No, please. No, please. No please," earns you no Good Pet Owner Points with anyone. Except your cat, who watches you bemusedly from behind her third eyelid which is extended for no good reason.

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Anonymous said...

Still have cats, huh? Lisa and I were googling random names of people we know (knew) and this popped up. I've been wondering what you were up to. Glad you're still alive!