Friday, November 23, 2007

Unfortunate Outbursts


I think it is probably safe to say that fairly regularly people drink a little and say things they may not have fully thought out.

If you need documentation, I recommend visiting any random Facebook profile.

Sometimes an outburst happens between courses at Thanksgiving, apparently.

We spent most of yesterday at our friend's house, latching onto their family gratefully for companionship and (among other things) awesome sweet potatoes.

We played Outburst a few times, boys against girls as nature intended. This has paid off for me in the past, like the time we had to name the Commandments and the Rabbi was on my team so I could pretty much take a little nap until the timer ran out.

Yesterday we got "Characters From the Bible" as our Outburst topic, and I was able to draw upon my WASPy upbringing to fill in names from the New Testament. Sadly, my ability to think on my feet (numbed by a combination of turkey and wine) all too quickly degenerated into "Sneezy, Grumpy and Doc" territory, but I sensed that the effort was appreciated. Of course, my low tolerance for alcohol makes me feel like a lot of my behavior is appreciated . . . And then I get another call from the DA's office.

Anyway, the point is this: When playing Outburst, "Nachos" is never a wrong answer. Carry that secret to victory, friends.

Today is Black Friday. I've kept my year old promise to myself so far, only venturing far enough outside to check the weather. I'm planning to avoid all non-food-related stores and shopping destinations until mid-January. All purchases for everything that won't melt during shipping can (and should) be made online. And the economy is crappy enough that shipping is cheap. Go Team Horribly Expensive Oil! I can have a whole bathroom full of towels delivered for a nickel!

You know. If I knew someone who needed a whole bathroom full of towels.

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