Friday, April 28, 2006

Ahem . . . .

Casual Jeans Friday! Casual Jeans Friday!

Actually, that hardly applies anymore for a couple of reasons.
First, I wear jeans everyday now since I decided I didn't want to look like the only guy who cares.
Second, I'm not even going to work today, so it could almost be "No Jeans Friday".
Today is my daughter's Birthday, which means that seven years ago today I was on the phone with my help desk trying to talk them through a WAN outage. "Just remain calm, guys. Have some ice chips, they seem to be a hit here."
So plans for today include hanging out with Gwynyth and having lunch somewhere before she no longer qualifies for the kids meal. Later on there is a serious party involving ice cream and about a gazillion cookies Shana made.
For anyone here just to read about work stuff, I never got a response to the email I sent earlier this week. Nothing at all.
We did have a follow up meeting to the "Morale Crisis" meeting of January.
Basically, the Employee Satisfaction surveys came back in horrible shape. Out of a target 3.5 the techs scored a 2.2. They have done a lot of stuff to raise morale since then. For the sales people. They had a 3.6 to begin with.
At the follow up meeting they gave us copies of the same chart and asked how we felt currently. "Has it improved?"
Well, the chart wasn't shaped correctly to chart improvement, but I shared a pen with another tech and we laughed a lot at the format vs. the question. In the end, he wrote in random squares "Kittens", "Rainbows" and, under overall satisfaction, "I like chocolate." It made about as much sense as anything else.
I wrote outside the chart a series of negative numbers and, under overall satisfaction, drew a picture of a skull with a spike through it. Hey, they were anonymous, right?
Anyway, later in the day the guy that collected the forms said that he and management had a good laugh over my "chocolate" joke but that they were deeply concerned about the tech who shared my pen.

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