Monday, April 24, 2006

Casual jeans Monday!
I could care less, I suppose, but that would require effort.
This week starts my turn at being on-call for the four-hour response nonsense. So far everyone has been called out at least once. I'm not looking forward to an emergency, middle-of-the-night trip to Dallas, but if anyone needs anything while I'm there please get your lists in early. Comp time, mileage and bonus pay, here I come. Oh wait, I'll have to switch jobs first.
My plans for today include surfing the job boards and experimenting with different fonts on my resume. And left justified, my friends. Left justified shall set me free.
No more will I suffer under the shame of a resume with text in polite Arial just centered and staring at people blankly, my name causing questions about my national origin.
Today begins a new day for my resume. CTRL-A > Align left. Pretty, but still too nice.
The font still screams, "vanilla is a bit much, do you have any un-flavored?"
This is my new, left justified resume we are talking about! It deserves to have all the old crap I have done but no longer want to be involved in scraped off so no one asks. No more questions about my job function. It is the next best thing to no one talking to me.
In the end, I'll probably settle on "book antiqua" for the font (I'm a coward) but I'll vent my font frustration by turning in a report at my current job totally in "wing dings", maybe with a picture of a kitten doing something cute and/or stupid.
Other plans for today include catching up on listening to my subscribed podcasts and getting up a few times to keep blood from pooling in my office chair. I suppose I technically have a meeting to attend this morning as well, but with the database server for (company name deleted to comply with non-disclosure agreement) rebooting pretty much at random, I should skip that meeting until the issue is resolved. Not that the server is rebooting at random right now. I just think it probably will be starting about 9:55am CST. I have a feeling.

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