Monday, April 17, 2006

Casual Jeans Monday! Casual Jeans Monday!
I'll admit my concern level is dropping pretty quickly. The poor little guy would burn up on re-entry if I wasn't so excited by the prospect of a crater-forming massive explosion as it slams directly into the data center.
In a bit of drunken bravado Friday night, my manager bragged to upper management about my good work on OpenView. I'm used to delivering on the drunken promises of the sales staff, but my manager should know better.
Sure, I've solved some problems. But the sheer number of issues is just a bit more than anyone could handle in four days, especially someone with no experience with the product who is still covering the workload of two or three really good Windows admins hopped up on speed and antihistamines. Go Team Decongestant!
I also discovered that while it takes up most of my day, my work on OpenView is considered "added value" by upper management. The value meal that is my job has been supersized for free! Awesome! And just when I thought I was running out of fast food references for this place.
The sales staff has put a hold on our after hours mixer while they cycle through some new sales people. I think the numbers last quarter will have me deleting some accounts pretty soon for the sales veterans in last place.
While we have no floor space left to sell until August (if the City approves our half-baked building plan) they just hired four new sales people. The current sales staff has got to be getting nervous. If they aren't, they are having one too many martinis at lunch. Or breakfast. Or both.
The sad part is the ones that take the time to learn about the technology probably aren't out hitting the bricks enough to make the numbers, while I know one of the new hires has fifteen plus years in sales but has never worked in tech at all - and has been exempted from tech sales boot camp because of his numbers. While I'm all about sales people driving the economy, I know this one will probably sell us into extended hours for next to nothing because no one will have pointed out that we cost money. And since he won't know better (everyone who skips tech sales boot camp makes the same mistake, this guy will just do it on a larger scale) we will still be expected to step up and take one for the team. Taking one for the team is fine, but if it continues I'm going to need more padding in this chair.
Plans for today included catching up on my web comics and reconfiguring the ticketing system to reassign everything to the admin seated to the left of the person who should be working on it (let's broaden our skill sets, people), but I've been "tossed under the bus" on this OpenView thing so I should either crawl back out or perform an emissions test.
I hate them. I hope you guys hate them, too.

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Anonymous said...

O' yes the rebellion has allies!!
F R E E D O M !
(or better pay)
D out