Sunday, May 21, 2006

/\/\3R(|-|@|\|+ 0f \/3|\|1(3

@(+ +|-|R33, 5(3|\|3 0|\|3


+0 b41+ f15h w1+h4|: 1f 1+ w1|| f33d n0+h1n6 3|53,

1+ w1|| f33d my r3v3n63. H3 h4+h d156r4c3d m3, 4nd

h1nd3r3d m3 h4|f 4 m1||10n; |4u6h3d 4+ my |05535,

m0ck3d 4+ my 641n5, 5c0rn3d my n4+10n, +hw4r+3d my

b4r641n5, c00|3d my fr13nd5, h34+3d m1n3

3n3m135; 4nd wh4+'5 h15 r3450n? 1 4m 4 J3w. H4+h

n0+ 4 J3w 3y35? h4+h n0+ 4 J3w h4nd5, 0r64n5,

d1m3n510n5, 53n535, 4ff3c+10n5, p45510n5? f3d w1+h

+h3 54m3 f00d, hur+ w1+h +h3 54m3 w34p0n5, 5ubj3c+

+0 +h3 54m3 d1534535, h34|3d by +h3 54m3 m34n5,

w4rm3d 4nd c00|3d by +h3 54m3 w1n+3r 4nd 5umm3r, 45

4 Chr15+14n 15? 1f y0u pr1ck u5, d0 w3 n0+ b|33d?

1f y0u +1ck|3 u5, d0 w3 n0+ |4u6h? 1f y0u p0150n

u5, d0 w3 n0+ d13? 4nd 1f y0u wr0n6 u5, 5h4|| w3 n0+

r3v3n63? 1f w3 4r3 |1k3 y0u 1n +h3 r35+, w3 w1||

r353mb|3 y0u 1n +h4+. 1f 4 J3w wr0n6 4 Chr15+14n,

wh4+ 15 h15 hum1|1+y? R3v3n63. 1f 4 Chr15+14n

wr0n6 4 J3w, wh4+ 5h0u|d h15 5uff3r4nc3 b3 by

Chr15+14n 3x4mp|3? Why, r3v3n63. +h3 v1||4ny y0u

+34ch m3, 1 w1|| 3x3cu+3, 4nd 1+ 5h4|| 60 h4rd bu+ 1

w1|| b3++3r +h3 1n5+ruc+10n.

And the Simulcast

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