Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wednesday, my old adversary! We meet again!
I know how you work, coming back again and again, week after week. You think you can get in my head, don't you, Wednesday?
Well, I've got news for you. Even if you manage somehow to wear down my defenses the inside of my head is a dark and cold and lonely place. Enjoy your stay!

This morning (in the next few hours, actually) it will have been 48 hours since my last cup of coffee. Symptoms include slight twitchiness and an urge to choke people 15% greater than my normal urge to choke people.
Yesterday I worked on some assorted junk. If pressed, I could probably come up with product names or details. They'd be made up, but I could come up with them.
I also made the decision to no longer answer my desk phone. No one calls me there with good news, so I unplugged it and placed it under my desk.
I've also been leaving my cellphone in the car, having "lost" it as far as work is concerned.
I'm still a little upset about that. The phone number was peeled right of my resume and pasted into the official contact list for work without my being asked. They don't pay for my phone, they just call it. I'm not answering anymore. No sense wasting minutes. Someone else will just have to sober up and fix something.
And that, my friends, is how I go about apologizing if I miss calls from you while I'm at work. I'm not screening you, I'm screening them. Not that anyone called me yesterday. Or the day before. Damn. Now I need a drink.

My big project is chugging along. In the past few weeks, I've gathered 206 of the required 850 points. This averages out to over 100 ounces of Diet Coke per day. The big question is, "Will I get my Playstation2 before or after my kidneys shut down?"
Maybe we should start a pool. I want the square that has me playing "Ultimate Zombie Ninja Cyborg Pirate 2006" while on a dialysis machine. I'm in a hurry, since 850 is a lot of points and I have no idea when the promotion ends.
I was looking for an awesome thermometer graphic to chart my progress, but everything measures by time, not Coke Reward Points. Keeping on their schedule would have me peeing constantly.
Plans for the day include working on that project I found out about Friday that was due on Monday and generated a whole new batch of sales lies Tuesday about why it isn't done but they should still pay us for it.
I'm also going to drink a sick amount of Diet Coke.

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