Friday, May 12, 2006

So thanks in part to a train (and in larger part to apathy) I showed up about 10 minutes late this morning. Already my Inbox contained dumb stuff.
Someone (sales side) emailed asking the hardware parameters for two servers. I thought he had asked before about the same stuff. I remember logging in and looking at them.
Google desktop search is awesome! It dug through my inbox and found my original reply, sent to the same sales guy, dated March 3rd. I chose to just forward that email.
What response did I get? He called me an *sshole.
Allow me to re-state:
This guy asks me for information I gave him over two months ago, and when I send the original email, he calls me a name. All before 6:30am and at about 20% of a cup of coffee for me.
"What's that? You don't have access to your home directory? Oh, and you are working on a presentation but you can't see your data? I'll take a look."
So then I started blogging and drinking coffee (Sumatra blend) so that I can better concentrate on his problem. The good news is that I know his data is secure. Some *sshole locked it at about 6:30 to be safe. What could be the issue?
Plans for today include a big damn operations meeting at 9am, followed by a meeting with a recruiter at 10am. In the next few minutes, I may skip over to IHOP to have coffee with a co-worker. After that, I'll probably load up on office supplies.
On a less things-I-don't-care-about note, the award for "Probably Going to Snap Soonest" goes to the guy who sits to my immediate right.
He kind of got a bunch of responsibilities dumped on him after someone quit a few months ago. The pressure seems to be having a pretty severe toll on him.
I first noticed that he was participating in the "two drinks at lunch" salesperson guideline, even though he isn't in sales. And both drinks are at least doubles.
Then I noticed that he seems to have tripled the dose on his ADD medication, which seems to have resulted in his no longer sleeping. Ever.
He staggers into work at about 10am and works until two or three in the morning.
Another warning sign was Wednesday on the way back from lunch when he pulled out a pipe in the front seat of the car and tried to light it, then complained that the drugs had fallen out.
The final tip off was the last two times I've spoken with him, he has talked about what he is doing using the terms "spells" and "spell effects". I think (I hope) he means "scripts" and "functions or output" but I'm not 100% sure on that.
I'm a bit freaked out about it. I should probably find another place to sit. To be safe, it should be at another company. Maybe across town.

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