Thursday, May 18, 2006

Wednesday my high school flashback continued.
I breezed through (or past, or whatever) the lab portion and hung out on IRC trading MP3s and conversing with the 'bots.
When the class broke for lunch I took off for Quiznos for a wrap and a bowl of soup when I was stopped by the other admin.
He (and a couple of other guys) convinced me to go to his girlfriend's place for pizza.
Foolishly, I thought this was about the proximity to a cool pizza place.
So, the pizza was frozen and the purpose was playing video games for a bit before heading back to work.
It felt entirely like skipping school to hang out at a friend's house.
We enjoyed the XBox and tried to not spill anything on the furniture.
A co-worker even stepped out to smoke something non-tobacco between slices of pizza (cut unconventionally with kitchen scissors instead of a pizza cutter). Having never seen one in action, I was impressed by the XBox 360. I think my daughter may need one.
A text message from my boss - "Ops Meeting" ended the fun for everyone.
My co-workers and I dashed out to the car while they instructed me to respond with "caught in traffic". I misspelled that "one more level".
The afternoon was spent participating very little in class while I filled online shopping carts with computer hardware. I realized my once screaming-fast, case-modded, featured online, blistering 3D enabled workstation (my last hardware expenditure) is a dinosaur. Three years old and so out of date it doesn't run half of the latest stuff.
Of course, the gaming makes my PC an obvious target for my projection. Lately I get the feeling that I'm the dinosaur. Of course, I know that (on a cosmic scale) I'm not that old. The fact that I have a decade on most of my co-workers isn't helping, though.
Plans for today include day four of an online class I'll never get credit for while avoiding inane requests from every single co-worker not sharing the training experience. I'm hoping to spend lunch not having the feeling I'm crashing at someone's parent's house.
I'll honestly also probably shop online for a new computer, but I'm putting off an actual purchase for a while. I hate buying the latest and most awesome thing mere seconds before it is obsolete and unsupported.
Obsolete and unsupported. Sadder words were never typed.
Challenge accepted. I can do sadder. Ahem:

When I die, I want "AFK" on my headstone.


Anonymous said...

It's not an old system, it's "seasoned".

Garrick said...

You know, that doesn't just mean "spicy".