Thursday, May 11, 2006

Casual Jeans . . . um . . . Thursday?
When you totally ditch the first half of the week it makes it hard to keep track.
Ok. So last night was the company quarterly meeting. Having skipped the last two, I pretty much had to make an appearance.
There was a speech about how much money the company is making and how the sales people are awesome. Oh and also there are some technical people employed here, I think.
In the middle of the CEO's speech, I got a text message from a guy at another table that was extremely immature and in very poor taste. Unfortunately, I read it as the CEO announced some planned staffing changes so my very loud laughter was quite poorly timed.
Then there were coupons for free drinks and video games and ski-ball, shuffle board, pool and Daytona tournaments. I didn't participate in them, but I did support my fellow technical employees with loud cheers of "Kick his salesperson ass" and "He was talking crap about you all day, sir. If you don't beat him at pool, I'll happily delete his account." Drink coupons helped.
Around nine, I called work and had the on-duty technician lock some accounts for me. And according to the incident report, I requested that some servers for (company name deleted to comply with non-disclosure agreement) be removed from their domain and formatted.
I've never been so glad to not be able to work on their stuff.
Plans for today include sitting in a quiet and dark room while avoiding human contact.
On my way in to work, I stopped at what I've started thinking of as "the crazy people Starbucks". This morning the entertainment was graciously provided by "Comet Lady" who ordered a grande mild and was kind enough to point out the comet she could clearly see in the sky past the lights of midtown Houston. "According to some reports," she warned,"we will be passing through the tail in the next few days and stand a good chance of being exposed to galactic radiation from the dust."
Now, she chose to drink the mild when the bold selection was Espresso Roast, so I'm not sure how much stock to put into her pronouncement. The extensive research that I've done suggests that exposure to comet dust will most certainly cause rampant zombie-ism and a sudden worldwide drop in petroleum consumption.
This comet could end the reign of terror of all the "Pain at the Pump" news stories! While replacing those stories with awesome zombie stories!
Thank you, Crazy Comet Lady. You have given us all hope.

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Joe said...

While the Zombification of America will resulted in lower gasoline prices, the price of human brains will rise exponentially.

I plan to corner the market on human brains. Speculative investments ... good times.

Much as the homeless are great at holding one's place in line, I imagine they could also be utilized as a cash crop.

Okay ... ask yourself ... how much have today's events warped me? I've actually put in print that I am considering farming the homeless for the brave, new zombie world.

I need professional help ...